QuickBooks Payment Changes

Did anyone else that uses QuickBooks Payments get this email today? Does anyone know what will happen to scheduled sales receipt transactions in QBO that process credit cards automatically without a CVV? ‘We wanted to let you know of an upcoming change to your Payments account. Beginning in October, all keyed transactions will require card […]

QuickBooks 2017 – First Look

See my First Looks at QuickBooks 2017 Desktop Products at Insightful Accountant: New Scheduled Reports: http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/vendor-news/quickbooks-desktop-2017-Part-1-first-look-at-scheduled-reports/#.V9AAlDWAaeA . Search Enhancements: http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/vendor-news/quickbooks-desktop-2017-part-2-first-look-at-search-enhancem/#.V9AAtzWAaeA . Reporting Improvements: http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/vendor-news/quickbooks-desktop-2017-part-3-first-look-at-report-improvements/#.V9AA5zWAaeA . Other Minor Features with Major Impact: http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/vendor-news/quickbooks-desktop-2017-part-4-minor-features-major-impact/#.V9ABFzWAaeA . Murph

QuickBooks Desktop recurring payments

So even thought sync manager stopped working in April, Intuit still used it to import recurring payments to A/R in QB Desktop. Worked fine until Mid-August. At which time I called Payments support who helped to get it going again , only to break down again this week. My customer called Intuit today about the […]

QuickBooks 2017 Available to ‘Desktop’ ProAdvisors

Intuit has started making the 2017 versions of their QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Accountant software available to ProAdvisors. For more information see my Blog at Insightful Accountant http://www.intuitiveaccountant.com/blogs/from-the-editor/proadvisors-eligible-for-2017-product-downloads/#.V88lzTWAaeA

QuickBooks File Manager

Intuit Tech Support just unofficially told me that the File Manager’s password vault feature is broken for any of the updated QB files – the ones that have the new more secure passwords. So I can still use my the program to find my client’s company files, but I have to manually enter the password […]

QuickBooks Performance Issues

I have a couple questions in regards to a large number of QuickBooks database files stored on a network drive. A virtual environment (VDI) is used when accessing the QuickBooks files. These are 2 problems that we occasionally experience with the QuickBooks files. 1. Sometimes when opening a QuickBooks file we see that data that […]

Convert from CSA to QuickBooks

Has anybody done a conversion from CSA to QuickBooks? How difficult/bad? Tips and tricks? Thanks in advance, Michele

QuickBooks Payments (replacement to IPN)

Was anyone else surprised to find out that QuickBooks Payments (replacement to the former Intuit Payment Network) does NOT allow for Recurring ACH payments? Allowing for recurring ACH payments (at a cost of $.50/transaction) was extremely beneficial for clients (and client’s customers) to use the lower cost ACH transaction rather than a higher cost credit […]

Converting Quicken to QuickBooks

I’m trying to convert a Quicken file to QuickBooks. I did a ‘Super Verify’ data in the Quicken file and the data appears to be good. I convert the data to QuickBooks using the built in conversion tool in QuickBooks. Everything seems to go good until I look at the chart of accounts and individual […]